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Thank you to everyone who attended, participated in and supported the 13th  Annual North Shore Writers Festival.

The Festival’s organizing committee thanks our headlining authors for giving fantastic talks: Marina Endicott, Anita Rau Badami and Daniel Kalla as well as our first-ever picture book author Kallie George.

Many thanks to the “Secrets of Successful Bloggers” panellists;  Rebecca BollwittSean Cranbury,  Kelsey Dundon Jenn Farrell, Jeannette Ordas, and the “Getting Started, Getting Published” panellists from the North Shore Writers’ Association; Karen Bower, Fran Bourassa, Lynn Crymble, Bernice Lever, Sylvia Taylor and Gerhard Winkler.

The Festival was brought to you by the North Vancouver City Library, North Vancouver District Public Library and the West Vancouver Memorial Library, was supported by the Friends of all three North Shore Libraries, sponsored by the North Shore News and benefited from financial assistance from The Canada Council for the Arts through The Writers’ Union of Canada.


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