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So You’re Finally Published! Now What?

The sun is shining in Lynn Valley, and writers of all ages and levels of experience have come from all over the North Shore to share their experiences and to learn how to perfect their craft.

First up this morning, The North Shore Writer’s Association created a panel of five successful writers that are all at different stages in their career. The fabulous panel included Maggie Bolitho, Lynn Crymble, Martin Crosbie, Sonia Haynes, and Sylvia Taylor. Each writer brought a unique perspective to the session, as they have all had very different experiences with publishing. The writers graciously (and honestly) answered any and all questions from the audience.

Just in case your warm, comfortable bed wouldn’t let you out of its tight grip this morning, you can catch up below!

So you want to be a published writer? Here’s what you need to know.

  • Be patient.
  • Be motivated.
  • Be a storyteller.
  • Be curious about the world around you.

Some notable advice from the panel about getting published:

  • Start by finding your niche and identifying your strengths.
  • Know that you are an entrepreneur first and an artist second.
  • Attend seminars and participate in workshops to perfect your craft and learn about what is selling in the market.
  • Don’t be defeated by rejection letters- let them motivate you!
  • Feeling brave? Post them on your fridge and on your walls like Martin Crosbie…it sure worked for him!
  • Self publishing doesn’t mean you have to do it all on your own (you can hire an editor, cover designer, formatter, etc.).
  • Be open about your book, trust your editor, and forget your ego.
  • You need to work with an editor because they don’t care who you are: this is a business, and you can’t forget that.
  • Create an online profile to promote yourself- use social media, create a website, etc.
  •  Worried about wasting too much time online? Maggie Bolitho suggests setting a timer!

That’s the end of our first session, but there are still five more to go! Come and join us in the Community Meeting Room at the Lynn Valley Main Library.



Tanis Rideout: “Above All Things”

Author Tanis Rideout kicks off this year’s festival with some beautiful readings from her novel “Above All Things”.  She reminisced to the crowed about the way that she became completely consumed with George Mallory’s life and his exhibitions up Mount Everest.  These interests lead her to write the novel about his failed attempt to ascend Mount Everest.  Her seven year journey writing the novel lead her everywhere from archives containing letters between George and his partner Ruth in Cambridge to digging up newspapers detailing climbing news from that time.  Rideout wants to believe that he made it to the summit as a photo of Ruth was not found on his body and he had promised to leave her photo there but there is no evidence to confirm that.

Through a slide show of photos she takes the audience through the route that George took ending with the location of his body found approximately 90 years after his failed exhibition.  She recounts the moment that brought her to the edge of tears was when she was passed the papers that were found on George’s body and it clicked that she was writing about real people.  Finally, she hints at a new project she is starting that may be set in the current day.

2013-04-19 19.07.17


– Tanis Rideout with a photo of Mount Everest behind her as she talks about the writing of the novel “Above All Things”


Next Steps for After the Writing is Done

Have you written a book? Gotten it published? Self published? E-published?

Now what?

Find out what lies in store for authors once their work is ready for publication and sales at the festival’s panel entitled So You’re Finally Published! Now What? Five authors who have all finished a book share their thoughts and advice on what to do after the writing is done.


Martin_CrosbieThe panel includes Martin Crosbie, a local author who has had great success self publishing after his novel, My Temporary Life, was rejected by more than 100 agents and publishers. After self publishing the title, he sold over 100,000 eBooks and became an Amazon bestseller.


Lynn_CrymbleLynn Crymble will speak to the post-writing process from the perspective of having been published by a major house, Harper Collins, and going through a torturous second novel editing process.


Sylvia TaylorAward-winning author and former B.C. Federation of Writers director Sylvia Taylor is will speak about her experiences marketing her book after Heritage House Publishing released her historical literary memoir, The Fisher Queen: A Deckhand’s Tales of the BC Coast, in September, 2012.



Maggie_BolithoSonia_HaynesOther panelists will include Sonia Haynes, author of the personal development book, The Power of Money: How You See Money Is How You See Yourself and Maggie Bolitho, whose YA novel, tentatively called Lockdown, is scheduled to be released by Great Plains Teen Fiction in Spring, 2014.


The panel will be held in the Community Room at the Lynn Valley Library at 10a.m. on Saturday April 20th. For more information on the panel or the rest of the festival’s events, visit our lineup and schedule of events pages.