The Art of Food Writing – Panel Discussion

It’s lunchtime, and this session couldn’t have been timed any better! The audience was treated to a delicious array of information and advice on food writing and blogging.

Barbara- jo McIntosh expertly moderated a panel of four local food writers including Stephanie Yuen, Diana Chan, Mijune Pak, and Andrew Morrison. The panelists come from a range of backgrounds and are food bloggers, cookbook writers and magazine article writers. Despite their differences, they find common ground in the fact that their work is inspired by a passion for food. Mijune Pak described her motivation for food writing as a desire to understand and engage with other cultures around the world, while Diana Chan simply stated “I will eat anything, and I’ve never been afraid to try anything new.”


The panelists all approach their food writing and experiences differently, and gave us many perspectives to consider. When they are reviewing food, they have to make a decision about how to write a fair and honest review. It was noted that we all have our own palates and tastes, so no one review can definitively describe a particular restaurant or dish for everyone else. Most strikingly, we learned about the stories that are created by food. When a chef cooks a meal, they create an opportunity for us to learn, and they inspire stories.

There was also lots of discussion about the food available to us locally in Vancouver. Andrew Morrison showed great enthusiasm for what Vancouver has to offer, and described the city as the most exciting food city in Canada per-capita! So, get out there and eat, everyone, and let it inspire your writing!


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